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Assembly of catheters and endoscopes

With considerable experience in manufacturing catheters for electro-physiological treatment or ophthalmology, STATICE has developed quality know-how in assembling catheters.

STATICE develops, designs, and produces catheters in the following fields:

  • Electro-physiology
  • Ablation
  • Clinical data monitoring (neurology and others)
  • Endoscopy
  • Ophthalmology.

For specific applications, STATICE can produce and manufacture catheters with a diameter as low as 3F. A range of captors or sensors are available that respond to electrodes, pressure, temperature, force, and/or active components such as cameras, electrodes, or dart ablation can be incorporated.
The production of this type of catheters calls for complex and specific micro-technology processes which is where STATICE is a leader in the market:

  • Catheter welding between armed or simple tubing with different diameters
  • Tip forming
  • Coating
  • Micro-encapsulation of captors or sensors
  • Incorporation of electrodes or signal wiring
  • Incorporation of coudé catheter systems.

In order to respond to clients' specific requirements and the highest expectations of quality, STATICE is able to assemble tubes of different diameters, materials, multi-lumen, and reinforced or not: go to for our selection of machinery.