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R&D Expertise

Prior to starting any R&D projects, STATICE offers their clients the possibility of signing a NDA Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality contract.
Depending on your specific needs, the team of experienced Engineers and Technicians will follow the project through, with a stage-by-stage procedure to ensure a satisfactory outcome of the project... (a 'V' cycle):

  • Research and feasibility
  • Development
  • Production and manufacture.

Over the feasibility study period, our research department will set-up a specifications report and chart, and produce a selection of templates and models.
Then, STATICE will develop on the design and offer a selection of innovative solutions based on the original design with a DHF Design History File:

  • A file with all the blueprints (CAD)
  • All results from calculations
  • Operational prototypes and/or templates
  • Test reports (performance validation).

Furthermore, STATICE will participate in analysing the product risks.
STATICE's reactivity and implication into the good outcome of the project is guaranteed by:

  • Technologies for the transformation and development of bio-materials available internally, (silicone moulding, plastics injection systems, bioresorbable injection, Ultrasound welding, electrospinning, and others)
  • An electronics laboratory
  • A mechanical workshop dedicated to tool prototypes and components.

STATICE can provide services for the development of a project and the following applications

  • Long-term implants and single-use devices
  • Catheters and endoscopes
  • Mechatronic devices: Active medical systems and laboratory equipment
  • Systems for in vitro diagnostics