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Catheters and endoscopes

STATICE has extensive experience in the design of innovative and technical endoscopes and catheters, with a diameter down to 3F depending on requirements or client specifications. The design and manufacture of catheters are all subject to the reference 93/42/CE.
The diagnostic catheters can have a variety of sensors or captors:

  • Electrical signals
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Strength
  • Other specifications as required.

STATICE also specialises in active therapeutic catheters with electrodes or darts that ensure stimulation or ablation procedures.
These catheters can also be fitted with compliant, semi- compliant, or non- compliant balloons.
The design for catheters incorporates commonly used mechanical applications such as:

  • Kinking
  • Snaking
  • Torque transmission
  • Pinching
  • Soft tipping.

In order to reach the required Standards and quality depending on the clients' specifications, STATICE is able to assemble tubes with different diameters, materials, or multi-lumen, and can be reinforced or not.